Ethics Policy

BotXByte strives to provide accurate and contextual information through all of its brands. Our goal is to cover every angle of a story with accuracy, impartiality, and complete transparency in all of our news and entertainment content.


BotXByte is committed to providing accurate and contextual information to our readers. We strive to cover every angle of a story with accuracy, impartiality, and complete transparency. Our team of journalists and editors fact-check and verify all sources before publication. In the rare case of an unintentional error, a correction, explanation, or editor’s note will be published.


We are dedicated to fairness at BotXByte and expect all staff to uphold these standards. We strive to instill a strong sense of fair play in our reporting by correctly reflecting the sources’ motivations and using neutral language. A story is not fair if important details are left out or irrelevant material is included without regard for the facts. We give subjects enough time to respond to any claims made against them.


BotXByte understands that transparency is crucial for building trust with our readers. Hence, BotXByte has made a commitment to prevent conflicts of interest and does not accept any form of gift or payment from news providers, governments, political parties, or individuals involved in contentious matters. All work published on our website is properly credited and anonymous sources are only used as a last resort and with the approval of the editor-in-chief.