Sponsorship Policy

BotXByte is committed to providing accurate and contextual information to our audience. Our goal is to cover every angle of a story with accuracy, impartiality, and complete transparency. In order to maintain this commitment, we have strict guidelines for sponsorships.


  • BotXByte will not accept sponsorships from any organization or individual that may compromise our journalistic integrity or ability to provide unbiased information to our audience.
  • Any sponsored content will be clearly marked as such and will be subject to the same editorial standards as all other content on our website.
  • BotXByte will not allow sponsors to influence the content or angle of any story.
  • Any conflicts of interest will be disclosed to our audience.
  • BotXByte reserves the right to decline sponsorships that do not align with our values or mission.

We are dedicated to providing our audience with the most reliable and informative news and entertainment content and we will always prioritize the integrity of our journalism over any potential sponsorship opportunities.